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Keeping the Heat On at the Office

Good business comes from good employees. The best and brightest at any institution are going to drive sales, help customers, and produce better innovations than ever before.

But what if they are distracted by a freezing interior climate? What if the machinery freezes over during the night because the temperatures plummeted too low? Where will all the innovations and advancements come from then?

At Jenkins Fuels, we do our part to keep the economy going by keeping local businesses warm when they need it most. We deliver the very best heating fuels and products, fix any number of equipment issues, and install the best systems the industry has to offer for all kind of residential homes throughout southern Maine and New Hampshire.

You see, Jenkins Fuels has been in the business for 20 years, and we know what our customers expect from us. We provide all the services our competitors just can’t - or won't - do at a price your business can afford. These include:

  • On-site delivery
  • Off-site delivery
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Residential Installations
  • Commercial Heating Installations
  • And more…

Jenkins Fuels makes it our top priority to go above and beyond the standard status quo of the heating business, and make high-quality commercial fuels available to the hard-working industries of our region. We set all our prices fairly, deliver in large volume, and provide expert services that everyone can appreciate.

For more information about our commercial capabilities, or to set up your own FREE on-site estimate, please call the Jenkins Fuels office in Eliot, ME at 207-439-2266.